The John E. Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes is a 40,000 SF, state-of-the-art building for the NCAA-mandated academic services for student athletes. It stands as a showpiece, contributing to both the recruitment of new athletes as retention and success of Oregon's 520 student Athletes.

Located next to the office of admissions at Oregon Hall, the Jaqua Center is a beacon marking the Franklin Boulevard campus entrance. The building is surrounded by water on all four sides, as if it floats in the landscape, just resting there in a confident, yet tranquil manner. Despite the steady car, pedestrian and bike traffic - the Jaqua Center provides respite in an otherwise busy landscape.

Designed by ZGF Architects LLP, it is intended for introspection, study and learning. This concept is reinforced by a Birch "Forest" on the north side and a reflecting pool to evoke a "garden of the mind" as a fertile and conductive place for learning.


The first floor of the building is open to the public with a cafe, auditorium, atrium for public events and an academic hall of fame to recognize past, present and future student athletes at the University of Oregon. The two floors above are for the exclusive use of Oregon's student athletes and staff. The facility includes a 114-seat auditorium, 35 tutor rooms, 25 faculty/advising offices, conference room, flexible classroom, computer lab with 54 computers, graphics lab, three teaching labs, library, student lounge, student lounge, tutor lounge, staff lounge and study carrels for all freshman in Frosh Hall.

Camp 13 Beanery

Named for its proximity to 13th Avenue on campus, the cafe welcomes the public five days a week. The focal point is a four-sided gas fireplace surrounded by a leather lounge seat around the yellow shape of the University's signature "O".